Oxygen treatment for your skin.

You’ve probably seen it in a magazine or online. The big stars in Hollywood are fans, but what does it actually do for your skin and why should you undergo oxygen treatment for your skin?

Oxygen is the essence of our lives, without it we will not make it. But there is still less air pollution, think of smog and exhaust fumes.
But our skin is very happy with oxygen!

With us you can go for a mega oxygen boost, both with the machine and with our Image O2 lift treatment. We call this treatment the O2 lift deluxe treatment.
In this treatment we combine 3 intensive treatments to really get a WOW effect.


What do we do during this treatment;

We treat you with the O2 lift products from Image Skin care. This relaxing anti-aging treatment with the unique effervescent oxygen mask. You can literally bubble the mask on your skin!
In advance, the skin gets a mild exfoliation based on enzymes that remove the dead skin cells. This allows the skin to absorb the high dose of active ingredients.

After the oxygen mask we use the Crystal Clear oxygen machine to blow the ingredients of the Vitatmine C or Hylaronic acid serum deeper into the skin.

To close the treatment and give more collagen stimulation, we conclude with a Led Booster light therapy with a serum with stem cells and hylaronic acid that has a moisturizing effect. Led Light Lamp is a lamp that gives the skin cells more energy and activates collagen stimulation even more.


What does oxygen do for your skin;

Thanks to the pure oxygen 98%, all skin functions are optimized and blood circulation in the skin is improved. The skin is more radiant and looks instantly fuller.
• Optimizes cell functions
• Improves blood flow
• Gives a radiant skin image
• Promotes microcirculation
• Increases skin elasticity
• Improves skin moisture
• The skin looks instantly fuller